On 9/15/18 at approximately 8:40 am, Manor Officers responded to a report from a woman, identified
as Sheila Mason, that she had been punched by a person portraying themselves as a Police Officer.
Sheila told Officers that she was driving westbound on Hwy 290E near the intersection of George Bush
Street when she was pulled over by a black and white passenger car with an overhead light bar. Sheila said
she was approached by a white male approximately 5’9” wearing a dark Police uniform. Sheila was told
she was pulled over because she had a broken taillight. Sheila stated she told the officer her lights
worked, and the officer responded with “stop being a smart ass” punched her in the face and then told
her to “get the f**k out of here”, Sheila said she then drove away.

A formal citizen complainant was completed and turned in. Although the investigation is not complete
the preliminary investigation has determined that no Manor Officers conducted traffic stops around the
reported time in the area in question. This was done by reviewing calls logs from Travis County Dispatch
and reviewing dashcam and body camera footage. If the information given by Sheila is true and correct,
it is believed this was done by someone impersonating a Police Officer and is being criminally
investigated as such.