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Meet Our Staff

Dory West

Dory West


Dory West has lived in the 78653 for over 16 years. She is co-owner of TerrAdorna event venue with hubby Tom and offers florals, decor, and design services to clients. An artist by nature and by training, she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Idaho State University, with a concentration in Ceramics. She has offered freelance and commission-based calligraphy, illustration, and design for many years. Interests include SCUBA diving, martial arts, and flea marketing. With an early background in sales and service, Dory adopted the Manor Community News with a desire to be of service to the growing and flourishing community of Manor, TX. 


Dory’s background in publishing began in high school, where she worked on the school newspaper. This interest in layout and writing continued with the management of newsletters for various clubs and organizations over the years. She adopted the Manor Community News in July of 2016 with an eye to providing advertising opportunities for local businesses, exposure and support to MISD and the activity of our students, and serving up the kind of local, home-grown community news Manor residents will find nowhere else.

Latasha Mayo

Latasha Mayo

Sales and Advertising Manager

Latasha was born in Austin, TX, and attended Austin Community College, majoring in Radio, Television, and Film. 

Latasha brings to Manor Community News her expertise as a sales executive with 13 years of experience working for Sheshunoff Information Services. A proud mother of three beautiful children, she enjoys the family-friendly environment of the Manor Community News team and enjoys meeting and serving the nice people in the Manor Community.

Ian M. Egan

Ian M. Egan

Managing Editor

I was born in New York and grew up in the northwest Chicago suburbs. After a stint in the Marines and college for a history degree, I got a job and started a family while diligently climbing the corporate ladder as a warehouse and logistics manager. I have drawn cartoons and written poetry since I was a young boy; my decorating of various school assignments and tests throughout my academic career has occasionally gotten me into trouble with some of my more traditional-minded teachers.

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After moving to the East Coast to pursue my creative passion as a freelance cartoonist in New York City, I worked various corporate management positions while building my reputation and portfolio as a cartoonist and graphic artist. I draw cartoons about any subject, but I specialize in medical, science, and office humor. I got pretty good and built a good reputation and soon made freelance cartooning and writing my career.

I continued my creative career after moving from New England to Texas; thank god for the Internet! I draw a comic strip called “Alden by Egan” with about a dozen regular characters… including some of the most insane houseplants you’ll ever see… that I’m lucky enough to be able to publish in the Manor Community News. I also manage to sneak an occasional piece of my poetry in as well. I have expanded my artistic repertoire to include designing logos and advertising art and copy for various companies; everything from yoga studios to communications tech start-ups to even an ice cream parlor chain. I’ve learned I have a pretty good knack for building websites for them after I create their logos, too.

I have also been published as an author (short stories & poetry) and have done extensive work writing advertising copy. I’m a poet and lyricist and a singer/songwriter and I play open mics and small gigs in and around Austin. I’m very happy on a stage in front of an audience. I’ve been a proud (and happy) resident of the Manor area since August 2007. I am a founding member of the Manor Arts Council, and currently serve as it’s Vice President.

While I’ve worked around Austin as a junior high science teacher and for Austin Community College, I’ve continued to thrive as a successful freelance cartoonist and graphic artist… and now as the Managing Editor of the Manor Community News.


Debbie Tucker

Debbie Tucker

Contributing Writer

Debbie Tucker has been a part of the Manor Community News since August of 2015, covering news, sports, writing special interest stories and sharing the “Recipe of the Week”.  She has been married to her husband Jeff for 28 years. They have a daughter Jourdan who graduated from Manor High School in 2015 and attends Texas A&M. A native Austinite, Debbie retired from the State of Texas after 30 years and has been employed by Manor ISD for the past 11 years.  Debbie teaches piano, voice, is a composer and a singer. She enjoys reporting news and writing informative articles for the community.  Writing for the Manor Community News news is both a pleasure and a privilege and she believes Manor’s best days are ahead!

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